Module type Camlp4.Sig.Ast

module type Ast = sig .. end
Abstract syntax tree minimal signature. Types of this signature are abstract. See the Camlp4.Sig.Camlp4Ast signature for a concrete definition.

type loc 
Syntactic categories as abstract types

type meta_bool 
type 'a meta_option 
type 'a meta_list 
type ctyp 
type patt 
type expr 
type module_type 
type sig_item 
type with_constr 
type module_expr 
type str_item 
type class_type 
type class_sig_item 
type class_expr 
type class_str_item 
type match_case 
type ident 
type binding 
type rec_binding 
type module_binding 
type rec_flag 
type direction_flag 
type mutable_flag 
type private_flag 
type virtual_flag 
type row_var_flag 
type override_flag 
val loc_of_ctyp : ctyp -> loc
Location accessors

val loc_of_patt : patt -> loc
val loc_of_expr : expr -> loc
val loc_of_module_type : module_type -> loc
val loc_of_module_expr : module_expr -> loc
val loc_of_sig_item : sig_item -> loc
val loc_of_str_item : str_item -> loc
val loc_of_class_type : class_type -> loc
val loc_of_class_sig_item : class_sig_item -> loc
val loc_of_class_expr : class_expr -> loc
val loc_of_class_str_item : class_str_item -> loc
val loc_of_with_constr : with_constr -> loc
val loc_of_binding : binding -> loc
val loc_of_rec_binding : rec_binding -> loc
val loc_of_module_binding : module_binding -> loc
val loc_of_match_case : match_case -> loc
val loc_of_ident : ident -> loc


class map : object .. end
This class is the base class for map traversal on the Ast.
class fold : object .. end
Fold style traversal